percolator bong

Before percolator bongs even became popular, classic glass pipes were used as smoke filter. But today, it has increasingly become prevalent around the world. Basically, these products are designed to filter toxins and other bad stuff from the smoke produced by cannabis. So, when you inhale the smoke, it feels smooth and more pleasurable. Unlike the classic pipe, percolator bongs don’t need regular maintenance because the surface is made of non-stick glass.

How It Works

From the water, the smoke goes through the tubing where it’s directed to a partition which may look like trees, discs, or other interesting shapes. Through the splits, the smoke goes to the smaller glass pipes where it is gouged out of small slits called diffuser slits. Percolator bongs, in other words, changes the texture, temperature, and taste of the smoke coming out of it.

Types of Percolators

There are different types of bongs, though, so you need to make sure that you understand how they work before buying one online. Some don’t use diffuser downstem while others include a more advanced diffusion and filtering system. Here are the types you need to consider once you’ve decided to make a purchase. You can buy a percolator bong at HerbTools or find bongs online here.

percolator bongs

Tree percolator. This type of percolator bong has 3 to 12 arms. Keep in mind that the more arms your percolator has, the better it can diffuse. Hence, you get smoother smoke and less coughing using this type. The “trees” usually have slits with open or closed bottom. If the slits are smaller, the bubbles will also be smaller. That only means you get more filtration, diffusion, and percolation.

Drum percolator. This type is located at the water chamber’s bottom. It works by diffusing the smoke while the vertical slits make the diffusion more massive. And if you still don’t know, this is an excellent filter as it makes smoother rips compared to other percolators available out there.

Dome percolator. This percolator is obviously dome-shaped with 4 slits to spread the smoke. Since this is less complicated to make, you can get this for a cheaper price. However, the diffusion is minimal given the less number of slits. But it still can effectively filter the smoke from marijuana. Also, dome percolators come with intricate and colorfully designed dome.

Honeycomb. This is a disc percolator that spread more because of the 100 tiny holes where the smoke passes through. The accurate sizing of the holes makes it a good smoke filter. Once the smoke submerges in the water, it causes an astonishing splash.

Spiral percolator. On the side of the spiral’s bottom, smoke is diffused. You will love this type of percolator because it displays an incredible smoke. However, pulling a hit is harder so you need to make sure that you have good lungs when using this.

Buying a percolator bong is a good investment especially if you’re a smoker. With the right percolator, you can effectively remove toxins while enjoying smoother hit every time you smoke. See the HerbTools Head Shop for more.

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